#muse5aday Rome

Having had a manic November with events every day I took nearly two weeks off before Christmas events at the Museum started.

Included in that time was four days in Rome. I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I was exactly looking forward to it as wasn’t sure that going with my Mum & daughters would be that relaxing! However, I had a fantastic time and also managed to tick all of the #muse5aday strands.

#connect‍ – a wonderful chance to connect with 3 generations of my family, my mum, my daughters and my granddaughter

#exercise – not sure how many miles we did exploring the city but the sore feet definitely equate to quite a few! I’m not  a great one for walking (I swim for exercise) but exploring Rome on foot is the best way and when there’s so much to see it makes it easy

#learn – Mum and I visited Nero’s palace, the  Domus Aurea. This is a hidden gem that is still being excavated and conserved. I didn’t know  anything about this bit of Rome’s history and really enjoyed the tour learning about the building.

#notice – there is  so much to notice in Rome, the beautiful buildings and sculptures, the history and the people but also the natural beauty. Looking across from the Castel Sant’Angelo towards St Peter’s as the sun was setting was truly beautiful and tranquil

#volunteer – volunteering to feed/hold/carry Rosie or her bag (how can a 4 month old need SO much stuff) probably doesn’t count as it was really just part of connecting. Maybe volunteering to put this together as a short blog for #muse5aday does count though really just trying to  show that #muse5aday is not that hard to achieve and is definitely worth thinking about as it allows us to take moments (or even a few days) out from our busy schedules to recharge our batteries.

So as 2016 comes to an end here’s looking to 2017 and a year full of moments when I can






because I truly believe that this will not only help my own wellbeing but also allow me to promote wellbeing in others


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