#Museum5aday – We need you!

‘Put on your own life-jacket first’

I’ve just started the journey of supporting the Museum Education community in a project to develop a book about wellbeing. I have worked in the Education sector for a long time and I’m so excited to be learning about education in museums and supporting you in prioritising your wellbeing.  It’s so important. 

As you know, #museum5aday refers to five simple actions: notice, learn, volunteer, connect and exercise. Some of you are already sharing your activities by using Twitter and the hashtag #museum5aday.

However, we feel that a beautiful book about #museum5aday can also have impact. And not everyone likes to tweet. The book will comprise the your voices – the voices of people who know the reality of of working with the pressures and constraints of their role – alongside the creativity, delight and collaboration.  But it can be easy to lose sight of the reasons why you love your job, amidst the fog of other demands.

I’d like to invite you to take some time to reflect.

What do you want to contribute to a book like this? What would you like to say? What do you want to share? What’s important to you?

I’d like to invite you to contribute something from the heart to include in this book. Below are some prompts for content – but I welcome any ideas you have.  This is your book.



Ways to manage stress

What I love about my job

My perfect day

Small change – big impact

Building a happy team

Challenges we face in the museum sector

Personal stories

A day in the life of a museum educator

Why I love my hobby

My network and how it supports me 

My desert island discs

Looking after myself – some new habits

My favourite place

Tips for managing time

My favourite book

Balancing work and parenthood

If an idea is starting to emerge or you’re interest is piqued, please get started!

This document gives you some brief background to the project Read this first. 

Please fill in this form with your idea and contact details, then send it to me. There is space to paste your article here. But if you’d rather get initial feedback on your idea – that’s ok too.

Part of my challenge is reaching people within this community, people who might write something amazing for the book. So please share this blog, talk about it and encourage that person you know to get involved!

And please feel free to get in touch with queries, ideas, suggestions and inspiration. You can contact me @muse5aday or naomijw7444@gmail.com

Thank you and be well!


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