7th March 2022 was an exciting day for LLF. It was the first time we had met as a group for over two years. As a group we have decided to continue to do our CPD dates virtually for the time being as it hopefully means more people can attend as there is not the added cost of time and travel. However, as an extremely keen exponent of #museum5aday I am very aware of how beneficial #connect can be, and somehow it is not quite the same over a computer screen.
So it was with great delight that I was pleased to welcome LLF to Haslemere Museum for our first ever ‘Study Day’ to see the British Museum Spotlight Tour Troy: Beauty and Heroism. It was great to share our experiences of working with the British Museum with colleagues, but even better was just being able to chat with them over tea and biscuits. I have always found the informal chats during CPD events to be some of the most useful ways of gaining knowledge and it was lovely to get back to this. The Study day format allowed people to learn a bit more about Haslemere Museum and what we do here than a CPD day which usually has a specific focus and it allowed us to be a bit more relaxed, with opportunities to #learn and #exercise (#museum5aday!) as we took a tour of the galleries.
I just hope everyone who came enjoyed the opportunity to meet in real life as much as I did.